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sports massage

A variety of conditions can benefit from deep tissue massage:

  • Post surgery, to limit the damage caused by limping or carrying yourself differently to protect scars. This includes heart surgery, knee replacements and bone repairs to name a few
  • Muscle and tendon strains
  • Ligament strains which includes sprained ankles
  • Post event or race treatment to flush through the muscles of toxins and cell debris. This also promotes blood flow bringing nutrients to the muscles and realigns their fibres
  • Pre-event or race to loosen up the bodies soft tissue and stretch out tight muscles
  • Aches during pregnancy
  • Tennis elbow – plantar fasciitis – cricked, aching necks – general aches and pains

Massage Therapy

Sport and Remedial Massage is a deep soft tissue therapy that can resolve and prevent muscle and tendon strains and injuries. Sporting activities, repetitive movements and sedentary lifestyle can be responsible for muscular imbalance and overuse of specific muscle groups.

Remedial massage works well in conjunction with other musculo-skeletal modalities, including chiropractic, osteopathy and physiotherapy.

Some Potential Causes

  • Working at a computer will cause your shoulders to tighten and ache at a minimum as they are continuously working holding your arms in a typing position.
  • Do you wake up with a stiff aching neck and think you have slept awkwardly? That is actually caused by the muscles in your neck and around shoulders having overuse damage that eventually causes pain, this is preventable and treatable!
  • Lifting and carrying babies and small children can make your knees ache as you bend them to pick things up with the baby in your arms, this means that the quad muscles at the top of your legs gets tighter due to the excess work and puts strain on the position of the knee cap. Massage to loosen the quads relieves and often cures the pain in the majority of cases.
  • You may also experience lower backache, let alone your shoulders, neck and arms especially when feeding, these can all be dealt with by Sport and Remedial Massage.

Sports Massage – Locating & Pricing

Sports massage is offered in my home therapy room on the Rustington, East Preston border, BN16 2** as are Pilates 1-1’s, 1-2’s.

Sports Massage Pricing: £48 for 55 minute session.

You do not have to be an athlete or even participate in any sporting activities to benefit from Sports Massage. Any activity that continuously uses the same muscles will eventually cause problems that can be prevented and treated with Sport and Remedial Massage treatments.